To ensure your home attracts attention from potential buyers, stands out from the rest, and gets the best possible offer for your home, put these steps into action before you put it on the market.


1.     Get rid of clutter.

We all like to have our favourite things in our home, but having your rooms cluttered with things that are important to you can make the rooms look smaller. You also want potential buyers to imagine their possessions in the house. It helps them to see it as their home.


2.     Give your home a heavy duty clean.

It’s so much nicer to walk into a fresh, clean home than one with “reminders” that other people live there. Pay attention to floors, benchtops, your kitchen benches and appliances, your bathroom sink and shower, and your laundry benches.


If you have the linen on the beds looking crisp, not crumpled, make sure the front door is free from dirt and cobwebs, and have your home smelling fresh, you’re sure to make a great impression!


3.     Steam clean or replace carpets?

Whether we like it or not, our carpets collect dirt and grime and can end up smelling musty. Putting the effort in to steam clean the carpets will present them at their best. If any floor coverings look really worn, think about replacing them, particularly in high traffic areas.


Don’t spend loads of money on replacing all the carpets, as the new owners may not like the colour or style. Consider if a few dollars spent in a particular room will help improve the property value in the buyer’s mind.


4.     Maintenance and repairs.

When you’re living in a home, you may get used to working around things that are broken. Take a look at those jobs you’ve been promising to fix for some time. Think about what a buyer might notice and fix them if you can.


Broken and poorly maintained doors, drawers, windows, and handles make the buyer think that the property hasn’t been looked after and puts doubt in their mind about other things that may need repairs.   


5.     The outside counts too!

Buyers will check out your property as soon as they drive up to your address. Is the garden neat and tidy? If it needs a load of work, it may put them off your home before they have even stepped inside.


Add colour with pots of plants, mow the lawn or grassed areas, trim back over-hanging branches on the trees, clear pathways, and add furnishings that make the garden area more inviting.


6.     Make each room look inviting.

Take a look at each room in your home and see what needs to be done to make it brighter, and more welcoming. Try to remove personal items to encourage prospective buyers to imagine their possessions in place. Clear the tops of benches, cupboards, and furniture so that it presents clutter-free, clear spaces and makes your rooms look larger.


Try to get the big changes to rooms out of the way before you have people coming into your home. Tidying up before an Open House or viewing can be challenging while you continue your daily routine, so make it as easy as you can for your family to maintain a high level of presentation.


7.     Add some fresh flowers and plants.

Placing a vase of fresh flowers in the hallway or main rooms like the kitchen, dining room or lounge, makes your home more welcoming. Keep them topped up with water and remove any dead or wilting plants, so that they freshen up the rooms.


Add colour to your outside areas with pots of plants with healthy foliage or bright flowers that match the style of your garden. You can also use them to guide buyers’ eyes to special features of your property.


8.     Professionally stage your property.

A furnished home is more engaging than empty rooms. If you must move out before your home is put on display, think about hiring furniture, plants, and furnishings to make up each room.


Ask for help from our team about ideas to stage your furniture to create style and colour to your rooms. It’s surprising how changing furniture around can give a new and interesting presentation. A carefully placed mirror, rug, or colourful painting can add some pizzaz.  


9.     Fresh, new, clean towels add luxury.

This is a simple step you can make to have your bathroom looking great and feeling luxurious. You can find colour-coordinated towels in department and specialty stores. Check if you have a wholesale outlet near you to buy them at a great price.


Keep the fluffy, fresh towels in a cupboard ready to put in place when you know your home will be viewed. Ask the family to put used towels out of sight in the laundry basket. Choose the towels in a colour you’ll love using when you move to your new home.  


10.  Let in the light.

Open your blinds and curtains to make the most of the sunshine to brighten your rooms. If a room is particularly dark, or you’re selling during winter darkness, look at using light-coloured window dressings, strategically place lamps around the room, or keep the overhead light on during viewings.


Of course, keeping your windows and glass doors clean so that the light shines through easily is a great idea if you can maintain it while your home is on the market.


With over 20 years’ experience in all areas of real estate, Sylvi Allan has plenty of tips on how to make the most of your home. Ask her to cast her expert eye across the rooms in your home to provide some great ideas that you can implement to make your home more attractive to buyers.  Click here for a FREE no obligation market appraisal.